Quik! Automates New Advisor Transitions Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions  
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"Once again you guys have given us the tools to move a huge block of business. We appreciate your efforts and our relationship with you."
- Susie Woltman, Girard Securities, Inc

FAQs For Transition Teams
The most frequently asked questions about transitioning new advisors with Quik! are shown below - click the question to expand the answer. There are additional FAQs for each of our product categories (see the list at the bottom of the page). If you need additional assistance, please contact us.

How does Quik! help transition teams?
Broker/Dealers and other financial service companies that are trying to assist a new advisor or group of advisors need a tool that prepares the required transition forms and paperwork. Quik!’s transition tools ensures the advisor(s) fill out the required paperwork in the right order. The Quik! Transition System gives your transition and compliance team the ability to specify which forms are required for a given account type and clearing firm, while the Quik! Transition Assistant or Quik! Forms Library ENTERPRISE makes it easy for the transitioning advisor to generate the paperwork pre-filled with their client data. Quik! makes it easy to import the client and account data from over 30 data sources, prepare the data for the forms and then fill out the forms, including batch printing.
Who can use the Quik! Transition System?
Any organization that needs to move a large block of business for single advisors, groups of advisors or entire firms. The software used to generate the actual paperwork is designed to be operated by the transitioning advisor in order to keep you in compliance with Reg SP, but the software can be used internally by your transition team too.
How do transitioning advisors know which forms to use?
When you setup the Quik! Transition System, you configure which forms are used by clearing entity and account type. For example, for new accounts held with a clearing firm, you might select the clearing firm new account form, your broker/dealer order ticket and any disclosures you require to open the account. Once configured, the Quik! software will automatically select the right forms for the user when the users chooses the account type they are transitioning – this eliminates the guess work for the advisor and ensures accounts are not rejected due to missing forms. In addition, advisors can choose optional forms that may be needed on an account-by-account basis (e.g. distribution agreements, custodial agreements, check-writing applications, etc).
Do you have my clearing firm forms?
We have all the forms for the top clearing firms. If you clear through a firm that we don’t have the forms for, please let us know and we’ll work with the clearing firm to get their forms added to our library.
How do broker/dealer forms work with the Quik! Transition System?
As part of the Quik! Transition System service, we build your broker/dealer forms to our standard so the forms can be used within Quik!. By doing this, you are making your forms available to your advisors who use other Quik! products too. Since all of our forms work with all of our software, we only need to add your form to our library once and then it will be available to all of your advisors.
How much does Quik! cost?
The Quik! Transition System pays for itself when you transition at least 1,000 accounts per year, or roughly 3 to 6 advisors per year. If you are not doing ongoing transitions or only need a solution every now and then, you can use the Quik! Forms Library ENTERPRISE solution to handle your needs as well. We have also built custom solutions for customers. For more detailed information on the Quik! Transition System pricing please see our product page or contact us: http://www.quiktransitions.com/QuikTransitionSystemPricing.aspx
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